Sunday, May 15, 2011

Emily's Temple Day

My Mom and I had the opportunity to go through the temple with my best friend Emily. I got to spend the day with Mom shopping and playing around and we also got to have lunch with was a great day and such a neat day for Emily. I love the Salt Lake Temple, I really should get there more. It's funny that it and so many other temples are so close and yet are so dang hard to find time to go in, silly really. I defintely need to work on that! I did find time to squeeze in a pedicure, and now I am totally ready for summer and flip flops.


One of my favorite things as a child was when my Aunt Linda and my cousins came and stayed. The friendships that were built in my youth are still carried today and have strong bonds. We have many memories of building forts in the big trees behind our grandparent's house, sneaking out in the hills on the 4-wheeler, throwing each other off the 4 wheelers and the list is endless. I don't have a picture with all my cousins but here is a picture of a few people that I love and care about dearly, which leads me into Kennedy's cousins coming to Woodruff. Kennedy does not have any cousins on the Kennedy side (but there are 2 on the way..yea) and she doesn't see her other cousins as often as we would like, but none the less when they come up a great time is had by all!

Back in Control

I have been out of commission for a while because Kennedy fell down the stairs with my computer and she was o.k. but it ruined the hard drive on the computer I am with trying to catch up on the events for the past 2 months. It doesn't seem like there has been to many exciting things but I am documenting the every day things so we remember them, so here it goes. My friend, Marcy and I, went to Logan to a Meet and Greet at the Golden Corral to meet some contestants fromt the Biggest Loser-(crazy place to have a Meet and Greet for people batteling their weight) but nobody asked my opinion. We were able to meet and talk individually to a few people and also their trainer, Brett, (hotter than a firecracker) but mostly got inspired and motivated to keep on the journey I started a year ago with my own weight loss battle; and it is a battle. Here are a few of the pictures from that day.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


We have had a fun week this week; Kennedy has been writing letters and sending treats to a soldier in Afghanistan and he is home on leave until the 30. Jeramy called and asked if he could come to our house and meet and surprise Kennedy on Tuesday night and personally thank her. It was such a neat experience for both of us. There was a knock on the door and I answered and there was Jeramy in his military uniform-Kenndy and Savhanna just looked up at him but Kennedy knew who he was from his pictures. We invited him and his mother in and got to talk and learn about the war and the brave men and women who are serving. Wednesday we were able to hold an assembly for the elementary where the kids got to see a slide show and ask questions about life as a medic in Afghanistan. It was touching and also so awesome to see how much the kids were interested and respectful. Today (Saturday) there was an open house held in Evanston where again we got to go be a part of something so special and touching-Kennedy's cards and the other kids from her classes cards were displayed on a table for everyone to see. Kennedy was treated like royalty from Jeramy and his family. We have just started a new friendship with an amazing person and family and have learned so much. I am so grateful for the people serving in our military, what unbelievable sacrifice them and their families make for our freedoms.

Afghan veteran visits South Rich Elementary

I am going to put this article up because it was such a fun day.
Afghani veteran visits south Rich Elementary
Posted: Friday, Mar 18th, 2011
BY: FAE DALKE, Rich County Reporter

Army Specialist Jeramy Bills poses with Kennedy Eastman and the second graders at South Rich Elementary. The class corresponded with Bills while he was deployed in Afghanistan over the past year. Eastman (standing in the center in front of Bills) started writing to the serviceman and then got her class involved. Bills is flanked by second grade teacher Renee Hoffman, his mother Gayla Bills on the right and his grandmother Raeoma Tingey on his left. HERALD PHOTO/Fae Dalke

Army Medic Jeramy Bills visited South Rich Elementary on Wednesday to meet some of the students who communicated with him while he was deployed in Afghanistan. Second grader Kennedy Eastman began writing to Bills and soon had her whole class sending him letters.

Bills showed the students slides of his unit’s base camp as well as souvenirs of his deployment. The slides demonstrated the primitive conditions that his unit endured, including no running water or indoor plumbing.

He said he likes the army and re-enlisted while serving in Afghanistan. He expects to go to Honduras at the end of May. He also expressed his appreciation for the letters and support he received from the students.

Jeramy is the son of Craig and Gayla Bills of Evanston and grandson of Fred and Raeoma Tingey of Woodruff.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lauren's 22nd Birthday Party

My sweet littlest sister had her 22nd birthday party. I love when all the family gets together and laughs and jokes and laughs so more. I did not get a picture of the whole gang but we were all there. I love Lauren and am so proud of her, she is a terrific Aunt and Sister and I am so lucky to have her as my sister and example. Lauren graduates from USU next winter after she finishes her student teaching. She has a strong testimony and is a great example. As I get older, I really appreciate the times we get to spend together. Our family has expanded by 3 people in the past 2 years and it's amazing how we all fit together and get along, I now cannot imagine our lives withouth them. We are so lucky to have Bret, Hilary and Nate added and more hopefully on the way. Thanks Dad and Mom for making a home that we all love to come home too and so far are all close enough to do it often. Happy Birthday Lauren, I love you very much and thanks for wanting a birthday party at home.

Church History Museum

We went and stayed for a couple of days in Salt Lake this week, Darren had to get his truck worked on so we met him there. We love staying at the hotels at the airport because it is less crowded and we have never been disappointed with our rooms. The first night we stayed at the Hilton-Kennedy and I went and ate supper in the restaraunt and it was about one of the best meals ever, afterwards of course we swam and swam and swam and when Darren arrived we swam some more. The next day we went to breakfast, shopping at the gateway (Justice and Sur La Table) are the greatest stores on earth and then went to the Children's Discovery Center. I have to say, Kennedy is to old for the Discovery Center so that was a bust. We then decided to do a little church history museum tour and it was incredible. We had so much fun there-something there for everyone. Darren and I loved the old letters written from the prophets and other church authorities and it was incredible to see the items that crossed the plains and learn the history behind them. The death masks of the Prophet Joseph Smith and Hryum were in the museum, so that is what Darren and Kennedy are standing in front of. Also Kennedy got to lay in a bunk bed that was a replica of one that was on a ship from England. Kennedy was able to draw and color a picture downstaris that is displayed on their tv and then upstairs the children got to try tons of different things from dancing to a toritlla toss. We had a wonderful time. Later that night we headed back out to the Hyatt and ate pizza, swam and watched movies. Thanks Darren for the little get away!